We tutor one-to-one and in online groups.

After your free consultation, we'll set you up ready to start coding and hit the ground running! Your lessons will be tailor made for you, but still based on our years of teaching experience.

Reach out to us and we'll start helping you get to your programming goals!


Learn Python

We teach python as an introduction to coding for total beginners. Python is an industry standard and is a great introduction to coding!

Machine Learning I

Starting from the ground up, we'll show you how to create simple machine learning solutions in python using scikitlearn and tensorflow. 

Machine Learning II

If you need to dig deeper, we can guide you though the jungle of the thousands of advanced topics in machine learning. We teach both theory and real world use cases.


We also offer a number of advanced consulting services including:


  • Machine Learning and SciKitLearn

  • Big Data and Data Science Topics in Python using Pandas


Just get in touch to discuss how we can best help you.

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