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We are highly expert Ivy League trained tutors with years of experience and a long line of success stories.


Dr. Benjamin Russell

Hi! I am a mathematician and programmer with many years of success as a researcher (York and Princeton). I am an entrepreneur and a top coding tutor. I can guide you from the basics to the advanced topics as you learn coding with python to boost your career or your university application!

Luis Guerra

I am a Chemist researching at Princeton University. My work uses machine learning in Python and I love to teach. I can help you become familiar with machine learning in python and show you the tricks of the trade.


We have years of experience getting our clients to the results they need.

Hi all - Benjamin is great!! Very knowledgeable and helpful! He goes out of his way to help his clients and other than classes he gives extra advice on how the data science field is now and it shows he really cares! I am taking a statistics and data science course now , and he’s also helping me with that . Thank you so much Benjamin!



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